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SEO is crucial for your business. It should be a fundamental component of your website and overall marketing plan. It is even more important for small and new businesses. Focusing on Local SEO will create opportunities for your website to be seen.

Data Driven Website Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been part of the internet lexicon since the mid ’90s. Most people and companies with websites have heard about search engine optimization, but may not know why it is important. Simply put SEO is optimizing a website to be “visible” by search engines.

Since the mid ’90s the general best practices list has been growing, changing and improving. Now there are hundreds of data points taken by the leading search engines to rate your website. The search engines keep changing and improving their algorithms to keep unscrupulous websites from reaching the top of the search results or punishing the ones that are going against SEO beast practices.

Improve Your Website’s Ranking

Do I need to continue to optimize my website? Google routinely improves and changes its search algorithms. In other words, Google changes the SEO rules in order to keep their search results relevant. You need an agency that keeps up with the trends and SEO rules.

From startups to corporations, Meta Groove has you covered.

SEO Solutions for any website or business in 3 easy steps.

Baseline SEO Report

The SEO journey begins with a Baseline SEO Report. Find out–in detail–what is going on with your website. You will be able to see the errors and issues that are keeping your website from ranking well in search engines. You can use the report as a blueprint to fix your website yourself or let Meta Groove be your SEO partner.

Fixing Your Website's SEO

Using the Baseline SEO Report, keyword analysis, search volume and competitor analysis we develop a plan—specific to your business and your website—that will improve your site’s organic search position. Drive traffic to your site and improve your customer engagement with SEO and Local SEO from your website partner, Meta Groove 🙂

Scaled SEO Management

Continue your SEO success with ongoing SEO Management. Meta Groove will continue to monitor your website to review and improve on-page and off-page performance, but also to find additional opportunities to improve your website’s visibility and overall search performance. We will help show you and guide your site to take advantage of emerging SEO opportunities.