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Solar Web Hosting, Be Clean

Hosting your website and being green

Meta Groove has always been a supporter of the environment. It is challenging to take an industry like website development and make it eco friendly. Using computers, servers and building websites uses a great deal of electricity. One way to help curb electricity usage is by using renewable energy. This why Meta Groove is proud to offer solar powered website hosting.

What is the advantage of hosting a website using solar powered energy? All life on our planet is powered by the sun in some way. Let your web site thrive on the planet's abundant supply of renewable energy.

This is the equivalent of planting 8 acres of trees per year or driving a vehicle for 38,216 miles per year.

Eco Hosting 1

  • $30 onetime setup
  • $180 / annual hosting
  • 750 MB of web space
  • 5 GB data transfer

Eco Hosting 2

  • $30 onetime setup
  • $240 / annual hosting
  • 1 GB of web space
  • 10 GB data transfer
  • 3 Databases

Eco Hosting 3

  • $30 onetime setup
  • $360 / annual hosting
  • 1.25 GB of web space
  • 15 GB data transfer
  • 5 Databases
Your website can do more...

The entire solar panel array that powers the datacenter in California will eliminate the production of:

34,488 lbs of carbon dioxide
50.6 lbs of nitrogen oxide
37.4 lbs of sulfate (acid rain)

Ready to make a hosting switch?