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How does your website look on a phone?

Does your website have a mobile version? Mobile web traffic has been steadily trending upwards and tablets have been consistently gaining ground on desktop and laptop computers. Depending on which stats you read, tablets already outpace desktops in sales. You may be reading this on a tablet right now.

In the past, the main concern for a website was for it to look consistent across various internet browsers. Now the issue at hand is more about a site looking good on different devices. Desktop resolutions have been jumping so websites can be designed and developed to utilize the wider/larger screen resolutions. However, the popularity of tablets and phones, which have much smaller resolutions (and screens), it is becoming increasingly important to have a website also look good on smaller screens.

Do you need a mobile version? The simple answer is, maybe. It depends on the percentage of website traffic that comes from mobile devices. If you can not answer that question, then we definitely need to talk. At the very least, having a simplified mobile version of your website is always a good idea.

Be seen on all devices

If you already have a website and simply would like a mobile version of it; drop us a line. We can create quickly and easily create mobile versions of entire websites. We can also create a simplified version of your website.

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