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Meta Groove was started in 2008. We offered technical web development services. That is to say we simply built websites. We focused on the technical side of the internet. We coded websites with a specialty in search engine optimization. Working closely with creatives and website designers we built websites for them. The creatives and design agencies didn't know how to build websites or simply wanted to focus on the creative side of websites. Simply, we were the technical resource and technical partner for creatives and web design agencies.

By virtue of word-of-mouth people began calling us for other services. We began designing websites. We still work closely with creatives and web design agencies as a technical partner, but we added the design component of web development. Adding web design to our strong technical background helped round out our web development services.

We continued to grow and began offering additional web marketing services. We looked at our clients, reviewed our services and we wanted to do more for our customers than website design, website development and search engine optimization. We began offering internet marketing, more specifically we began offering AdWords management and pay-per-click management. When we began offering the PPC / CPC marketing many of our customers jumped on the new opportunity.

At our core Meta Groove is a web development agency and we will continue to grow and continue to offer web services. Website design and development is what we love to do. We will continue to grow and be the complete creative and technical agency for you.

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